Friday, 2 March 2012


My never ending list of things to do. Counting days to get IHL done & over with. Can't wait!!!

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Salam,Hello & Hi.

I have been wanting to post something here on my blog but somehow laziness takes the better of me.
Well, honestly I don't have much to share. Life has been monotonous. The same routine everyday for the past one month plus. I'm currently busy preparing for IHL Moot which will begin in 5 days time....GASP!!!
Everyone is under a lot of pressure so the same applies to me. Trying to bear the final few days before we set off to Hong Kong, where the competition will be held. The feeling of pure pressure overrides the feeling of excitement. I really can't wait for the training to be done and that will only happen this coming Tuesday. So dear Tuesday, please come fast!!!!

I guess i gtg now,many more cases to read. Hugs & many kisses :)

Btw, I miss you & you!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Late Night Babble Bla Bla

Salam,Hi & Hello.

I'm going hoooomeeeeeeeeee tomorrow. YAY!!!
Well again dear, do not be too excited because first, you are only going back for 2 and a half days and secondly,oral training starts full force by the time you got back.
In which this means that you must prepare your speech already.
HOMG... :O

Alrighty, let's not be a wet blanket to myself therefore I should look on the bright side where at least I get to go home for a bit before bidding bye-bye to dear life (which I shall get back after the competition ends) and I get to see mom & dad and at least i get to rest at home. Alhamdulillah.

I can foresee the hecticness of the coming weeks so I'm trying to prepare myself for whatever that is to come in the future. Oh yeah!!!!

And thank u Mumie & Qissy for taking me out for dinner. I really need that,i.e i really need to go out,dress nicely and be all prim and proper. I'm the kind of person who has the sudden urge to just go out,have dinner and dress up. I mean, it's normal right to want that after days of locking yourself in the war room. Oh, stop complaining darling! Teeheee....

I guess that is all, gtg and pack some stuff. The flight is at 1350 tomorrow. May I arrive home safely.Amin

Gdnite,hugsss & kisses :)

* Hye kakak darling cause I know u'll be reading this. LOVE U!!!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Salam,Hye &Hello.

Another blog, yet again.
I have lost count of how many blogs i have had before this and how they are left unattended.
I'm poor when it comes to maintaining blog.
So here I am trying out my luck one more time and let's see how long shall i keep this blog alive and breathing.

Ok,till then. Hugssssss