Friday, 3 February 2012

Late Night Babble Bla Bla

Salam,Hi & Hello.

I'm going hoooomeeeeeeeeee tomorrow. YAY!!!
Well again dear, do not be too excited because first, you are only going back for 2 and a half days and secondly,oral training starts full force by the time you got back.
In which this means that you must prepare your speech already.
HOMG... :O

Alrighty, let's not be a wet blanket to myself therefore I should look on the bright side where at least I get to go home for a bit before bidding bye-bye to dear life (which I shall get back after the competition ends) and I get to see mom & dad and at least i get to rest at home. Alhamdulillah.

I can foresee the hecticness of the coming weeks so I'm trying to prepare myself for whatever that is to come in the future. Oh yeah!!!!

And thank u Mumie & Qissy for taking me out for dinner. I really need that,i.e i really need to go out,dress nicely and be all prim and proper. I'm the kind of person who has the sudden urge to just go out,have dinner and dress up. I mean, it's normal right to want that after days of locking yourself in the war room. Oh, stop complaining darling! Teeheee....

I guess that is all, gtg and pack some stuff. The flight is at 1350 tomorrow. May I arrive home safely.Amin

Gdnite,hugsss & kisses :)

* Hye kakak darling cause I know u'll be reading this. LOVE U!!!

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