Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Salam,Hello & Hi.

I have been wanting to post something here on my blog but somehow laziness takes the better of me.
Well, honestly I don't have much to share. Life has been monotonous. The same routine everyday for the past one month plus. I'm currently busy preparing for IHL Moot which will begin in 5 days time....GASP!!!
Everyone is under a lot of pressure so the same applies to me. Trying to bear the final few days before we set off to Hong Kong, where the competition will be held. The feeling of pure pressure overrides the feeling of excitement. I really can't wait for the training to be done and that will only happen this coming Tuesday. So dear Tuesday, please come fast!!!!

I guess i gtg now,many more cases to read. Hugs & many kisses :)

Btw, I miss you & you!

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